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Flat 2yo Horse Racing System – September Update

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Jadwiz Newsletter 03/09/2012

Flat 2yo System – September Update

A few months back you will remember me that I told you about a system that involved backing runners which where top rated 2yos with our combined ratings, marked _C_ with both the online and printed form guides.

Well I’m happy to tell you that this system has done tremendously well over the summer months and hope that you have all followed this and made a very good profit.

The original graph I sent out in May is shown below which include results from May 2011 to May 2012.

Horse Racing System May

The updated graph with results from mid May to end of August is shown below.

Horse Racing System August

Results from mid May to end of August are as follows

Horse Racing System Results

So how can you follow this system? Well first of all make your way to the systems page by going to Jadwiz Online Systems by default top rated runner results for our horse ratings are shown.

To get top rated by the combined ratings select ‘1st Top Rated Combined’ from the drop down list and wait for the page to refresh, at the moment its the first one that is displayed as its the system with the most profit but may not always be so just make sure.

The system name is shown on the left and in this case it says;

Jadwiz Online Flat Racing – 1st Top Combined Ratings – Horse Age 2yo

This is a hyperlink so you can click it to get the days runners, I have made up a video which shows this and also improves and increases the profit from £96 to about £125, which is excellent considering it only took 3 month had already made a profit for the previous 12 months.

To view the video go to 2yo System Video

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